OSU Prof Pens Quirky Cartoon Collection

Mar 8, 2018

An Oregon State University professor who, for years, posted satirical cartoons anonymously on Instagram, has now published his work in a book.

“Lord Birthday” cartoons are humorous, odd, and often awkward. Chad Murphy is an assistant professor at OSU’s college of Business. He says it wasn’t until he got the book deal and was profiled in the NPR podcast Invisibilia last summer that he let people know he’s the creator of the cartoons.
“Nobody but my wife knew it was me. It was sort of strange double existence that went on for a while. You know, I had friends and family even, that were following that Lord Birthday account without knowing it was me behind it. So, that was a strange, strange experience.”
The name of the book is “How to Appear Normal at Social Events”.
“A lot of what I’m talking about I think is the split between who we appear to be publically and who we feel like we are internally. And those two things don’t always align.”
The book is published by Andrews McMeel.