Outbreaks Contribute To Surge In COVID-19 Cases In Lane Co.

Apr 6, 2021

COVID-19 cases in Lane County continue to surge with several days last week seeing counts in the double digits. Officials say springtime activities have resulted in outbreaks. 

Outbreaks of COVID-19 are part of the reason for a surge in cases in Lane County. If the case counts continue to rise, the state has warned risk levels for spread will rise from Low to High.
Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Since the weekend, COVID case counts have exceeded 150. Lane County Public Health reported several outbreaks stemming from parties and gatherings. Spokesperson Jason Davis recounted a maskless, two-family get-together.

“The hosts-- everyone in their household around four people-- every single one of those individuals was COVID positive. They then invited another household that had upwards of 12 people,” Davis said. “Everybody but two people were infected by COVID. And two people ended up in the hospital.”

Lane County epidemiologists found a two family gathering recently resulted in a COVID-19 outbreak. Parties are also causing outbreaks at a time when the county is seeing steady case surges.
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Davis said vaccination allocations to the county are up at 23,000 doses this week. And eligible groups for vaccine have expanded. That’s good news, but he says until we reach community-immunity, residents should retain a “sense of risk” when gathering.

The goal for Lane County herd immunity is set at 70% to 75%. Currently, 32.7% of Lane County adults have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. 

Governor Kate Brown has given Lane County a 2-week warning that it is at risk of being moved from the Lower risk category to High risk for COVID-19 spread.