Police Remind The Public Pets Can Die In Hot Vehicles

Jul 12, 2018

With temperatures in the mid-90s this weekend, Eugene police are urging people not to leave their pets in vehicles. As of Thursday afternoon, they were out on their 5th call about a dog that was left in a hot car. 

Credit Animal Legal Defence Fund

Molly Monette is Animal Welfare Supervisor for the Eugene Police Department. She says within 10 minutes of exposure in a hot car, pets can experience heat-stroke or death.

A Eugene Police officer uses a thermometer to take the temperature inside a parked vehicle. It reads 106.
Credit Eugene Police

“If you aren’t in the vehicle then your pet shouldn’t be in there either.’ Monette says, “So, if people are leaving their pets at home, we would be telling them to make sure they have plenty of water, that there’s cool places inside the house. But, leaving pets in cars, like if you’re going to work, it’s just not acceptable.”
A new state law (H.B. 2732) says citizens can attempt to rescue unattended children or pets from vehicles under certain circumstances but Monette asks that they contact authorities first. People can be cited for animal neglect for leaving pets in cars.