Potential Rezoning Of Springfield Mobile Home Park Has Tenants Worried

Sep 4, 2019

The vote on whether or not to rezone a Springfield mobile home park has been put off until possibly later this month. 

Entrance to Patrician Mobile Home Park in Springfield.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC



Springfield City Council members are weighing the matter as it pertains to the Patrician Mobile Home Park.  Its owner, Urban Transitions LLC, wants it rezoned for commercial use, which it says can stimulate job growth and provide new and diverse housing options. 


Opponents say rezoning would lead to its residents becoming homeless. Most of the submitted testimony opposes the proposal, with critics arguing tenants have lived there for decades. Some consider the proposal unconstitutional or a violation of Oregon law.


In written responses, city staff note that the park owner can close the site regardless of what comes of the rezoning vote. They add the City of Springfield bears no legal role in a park closure, which would not have public hearings or land use approvals.


For now, the council has left the matter open, which means no decision yet.  Its next meeting is scheduled for September 16th.


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