Power Restoration Still Some Time Away For Many Locals

Feb 28, 2019

Many people across Lane County are hoping to have power restored since a foot and a half of snow fell across the area since Sunday evening. Among them is KLCC’s Brian Bull, whose home in South Eugene has lacked electricity since Monday. He shares this update on conditions in the area.

A flock of turkeys are the only traffic on this side street in the Spencer Butte area. Many vehicles are stuck where they were when snow fell Sunday night.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

"I’m here in a neighborhood on Spencer Butte that is still powerless after four days.  I’ve passed several cars that are stuck in the snow, wheels spinning out, with people trying to attach chains to them as a way of getting up the steep slopes and hills of this region. 

"I’m also hearing chainsaws going off in the distance.  Trees are collapsing that people are needing to cut apart to free up roads and prevent damage to their houses. Some homes have been struck by falling branches or trees, and I've found piles of sawdust where some recent cutting took place.

Utility crews at work near 24th and Amazon.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

"We’ve been passing a few utility crews here, I understand that there still remain roughly between 7600 to 8000 people under EWEB that are trying to get their power restored, hopefully by the end of the weekend. 

"As of today, I'm seeing a lot of heavy snow falling off the trees.  The warmer temperatures are great in one respect, though on the other hand they are setting a lot of cascading piles of slush and ice off the trees so people are best advised to stay clear of the trees - in other words, no walking underneath them -- as a way to keep safe.

"At a local grocery store, people were shopping by flashlight. I heard one customer say to another, 'I guess this is what it takes to get us talking to one another,' and they both laughed. 

Tuesday afternoon found people at this south Eugene grocery store shopping by flashlight. The store was on backup power, enough to keep the checkout lanes and PA system going.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

"Generally, spirits seem good but I know for many residents, there's building impatience to have the power back on. EWEB alone says they've 15 crews working 16-hour shifts, and I'm told a 'troubleshooter' was checking out our neighborhood. Hopefully that means crews are coming to get the lights and heat back on by the end of the weekend. 

"Until then, I'm grateful for friendly neighbors and affectionate cats."

Close feline acquaintance.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

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