Predator Advocates Protest Shooting of Cougar in Bend

Mar 30, 2015

A wildlife advocacy organization says the shooting of a cougar at a Bend park this weekend was unnecessary and a gross over-reaction.

Credit Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Bend Police shot the cougar after it was sighted at Pilot Butte State Park Saturday. Brooks Fahey of Predator Defense in Eugene says there were other options than shooting and killing the big cat.

Fahy: "This animal wasn’t posing a threat to anyone. All the police really needed to do was just to put up signs, have people leave the butte. And the animal simply would have disappeared. It wouldn't have been there the next day."

Fahy says state officials are also too quick to shoot cougars in Oregon. He points out that there has never been a fatal cougar attack on a human in the state in recorded history. A police spokesman says the cougar was killed because of the danger it posed to the community.