Recent Criminal Activity Drives Up Police Presence Around U of O

Mar 21, 2018

Following a string of armed robberies and a sexual assault against a student, the University of Oregon has stepped up its police presence and security around campus.

Credit U of O Police Facebook page.

Kelly McIver is a public information officer with the U of O police. He won’t disclose numbers, but says they’ve increased personnel in areas that border the campus, as well as hired private security and boosted surveillance.  He says people are safest traveling in groups, or with arranged transportation. 

If someone is victimized, McIver advises…

“...try and keep a cool head, give up your possessions if that’s what somebody is after. YOU are what’s important, your stuff is not," he says.

"And then when it’s over, just make sure you get to a safe place, and call 911 when it’s immediately after a crime like that. Just remember everything you can and share that with police.”

The U of O has extended its daily shuttle service, which runs from 5pm to 1am for students.

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