Recent Snowfall Helps Local Ski Resorts

Jan 10, 2020

After a late start, Willamette Pass opened Friday for regular season hours. Due to a lack of precipitation this season Willamette Pass had only been operating on weekends. They’ve also been restricted to using the lower part of the mountain.

Willamette Pass and Hoodoo are now open for regular hours after a recent snowfall nearly doubled the amount of snow on Mt. Bachelor.
Credit Willamette Pass

Recent snowfall doubled the amount of snow this past week. Owner Tim Wiper hopes this change will start to solidify the whole ski season.

“I think we just have to look at 2020. And, we’ll hopefully have three months of really good winter and a lot of good skiing,” said Wiper

Willamette Pass is now using their whole terrain and all ski lifts are open. Hoodoo has also resumed regular season hours.

“I think I’ll go put on my skis right now,” Wiper said.