Record-Breaking Heat Coming This Week

Jul 31, 2017

This Wednesday could be among the hottest days on record in Eugene.There’s an excessive heat warning in effect for the Willamette Valley and south-west Oregon this week.

Credit Kevin Mooney / Northwest News Network

Wednesday could be as hot as 108 degrees. That’s pushing the all-time record set for Eugene in August 1981. The triple digit temperatures will last through Thursday. Gerald MacKe with the National Weather Service in Portland says it won’t cool off much at night.
“We’re talking nighttime low temperatures in the 70s, or at least low 70s, around 70 degrees. I know that my family really looks forward to the cool-off at night, getting down to the 50s or lower 60s, and it’s just not going to get much relief this week.”
Small children, elderly people and pets need extra care in extreme heat. Macke recommends staying hydrated and finding a place to cool off, whether it’s a library, movie theater or supermarket. And with heat and dry conditions comes more fire danger.

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