"Red" at OAS and "Visions" at the Karin Clarke Gallery

Nov 13, 2019

Margaret Coe, "Love Lost," Oil on Canvas. 30" x 40"
Credit Gallery photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review Program.

It’s mid-November, and I’ve got a great little min-art walk for you through downtown EUGENE.

Four by Sarah Sedwick in the "Red" show at Oregon Art Supply
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Start at Oregon Art Supply at 2030 Pearl for a cheerfully dazzling array of 12 x 12 red paintings. Six artists took on the challenge of interpreting the color RED, and the results range from vermillion to scarlet to magenta. While consistent with that size format, the differences between the six women really are fun to study closely.

Four by Rebecca Mannheimer in the "Red" Show at OAS
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen









Jenny Gray has a quadtych of supergraphic abstracts, while Beth Robinson has a series of theriomorphs where people become animals and vice versa. Sarah Sedgewick’s golden fish wrapped in scarlet and silver ribbons series is a masterclass in the fine art of ultra-realism.

This RED show will brighten the Oregon Art Supply gallery through December 31st.


Four by Jenny Gray in the "Red" show at OAS
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen
Four by Zoe Cohen in the "Red" Show at OAS
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Continue your walk over to 760 Willamette to the Karin Clarke Gallery. Margaret Coe has an exhibit of 10 new paintings called “Visions, inspired, she says, by a recent trip to Scotland, but there is so much going on emotionally here. My heart just about stopped when I stood in front of “Love Lost.” In the foreground is a fallen aspen or birch, and the rest of the canvas opens up into a luminous abstraction full of the longing we all feel when a loved one has crossed over to the other side of life and death before us. I can’t get that painting out of my mind, or out of my heart.



Margaret Coe, "Two Old Souls," Oil on Linen, 25" x 49"
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen


This magnificent show closes November 30. Please don’t miss it.

Learn more and see images of both of these shows at the Viz City blog on KLCC.org. 

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