Regional Competitions Head To Lane County

Sep 6, 2019

Credit wikimedia commons

Lane County hosts frequent sports competitions that bring thousands of people to the area, often with little fanfare. Here are details about two upcoming events.

On September 14th, the Northwest National Drag Boat races will ply the waters east of Eugene:


Ross: “The Columbia Drag Boat Association has been holding drag boat races on Dexter Lake for years and years and years and it is astonishing, the thousands of people that they attract.” 


Travel Lane County’s Janis Ross says the races are one of the County’s signature events every summer.


Later in the month, Ross says Eugene will swell with an estimated 5,000 BMX bike enthusiasts:


Ross: “This is regional championship. We have our fingers crossed that we’re going to win a bid to host a national here really soon.”


She says BMX draws lots of families, with the youngest toddlers on strider bikes. 


There's information about Emerald Valley BMX at this link