Reminders Of Tobacco Ban Being Posted In Lane County Parks

Aug 1, 2017

This week, signage is going up all over Lane County parks, reminding people of the tobacco ban that went into effect this year.  

Credit Kanaka Rastamon /

Devon Ashbridge is a spokeswoman for the county.  She says park staff will start with some of the most popular parks, like Armitage and Fern Ridge.  As for violations of the ban…

“There are no plans to enforce with fines this year," Ashbridge tells KLCC.  

"Although we will have that option next summer, but that’s really a last resort for us.  We’re really hoping just through education and friendly reminders to get compliance from our park visitors.” 

Lane County Commissioners approved the tobacco ban this winter.  Ashbridge says the rule is to support public health, citing the dangers secondhand smoke presents to others, especially children.

Exemptions to the rule include designated campsites and Native Americans using tobacco for ceremonial or cultural uses. 

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