Rep. DeFazio Urges Unemployed Oregonians To Review State Info

Apr 3, 2020

While the coronavirus stimulus package will alleviate the burden for many Americans affected by the pandemic, an Oregon Congressman fears there’s confusion that could cause delays.

Oregon Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio, with inset of state video
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio says the state employment department has an informative video for unemployed Oregonians that should be watched first before filing a claim. 

“Because a lot of people are checking the wrong box, which is saying they’re not actively looking for work because they’re ‘home under an emergency’," DeFazio tells KLCC. 

"That’s not the right box to check. And that will delay their benefits, it’ll require an interchange between them and the state.”

DeFazio adds there’s also some confusion because of the extent of jobs being covered in this package.

“We have extended unemployment benefits to people who are self-employed, gig workers, and others who aren’t normally covered. So we need to get that word out.”

DeFazio invites constituents to visit his official website for more information.

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