Republican Richardson Breaks Democratic Dominance Of Oregon Offices

Nov 9, 2016

Credit Statesman Journal

Dennis Richardson has become the first Republican voted to statewide office in Oregon in 14 years. Democrats held onto the governor’s mansion, Attorney General, and State Treasurer.

But not Secretary of State. Dennis Richardson learned he won that race as he was preparing to leave the stage at the Salem Convention Center.

Richardson: “Alright. What they said is The Oregonian has called it for us. That according to them, I will be the next Secretary of State for Oregon.”

Richardson’s opponent, Democratic labor commissioner, Brad Avakian, conceded late last night.

Richardson ran on a platform of focusing on improving the performance of state agencies, through the Secretary’s auditing function. He prioritized being non-partisan in the job.

Avakian campaigned on getting voter education into public schools and extending audits to include businesses that contract with the state.