Retired Pastor Observes Easter And Passover In Vigil For Homeless

Apr 19, 2019

A retired pastor is holding vigil in downtown Eugene over this holiday weekend to bring attention to the plight of people who are homeless. 

Homeless advocate Wayne Martin is a retired pastor and Chaplain.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Wayne Martin, a homeless advocate, says with Easter and Passover this weekend he feels called upon to highlight the religious traditions of compassion.  Martin says he wants be more than an advocate for those without homes.

“I’ve never spent a night on the streets. And I’ve never been hungry. And I’ve never had to be scared. And they have had to be all three. So, I thought, why not a vigil?”

Martin plans to fast all weekend and spend the nights outdoors. He’s invited others to join him in fellowship during his vigil. 

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