Reusable Silverware And Compost Programs In Eugene 4J Elementary Schools

Aug 14, 2019

Eugene 4J school district is implementing reusable silverware and composting programs in their elementary schools. 

School garden at Camas Ridge Elementary School.
Credit Eugene 4J

These programs come after a recent study, where researchers found food waste had one of the biggest impacts on climate change in Eugene.

Director of support services, Holly Langan, says the children will be responsible for making it work. 

“They’re actually going through a process where they are sorting. What that means is there’s just one more step,” says Langan. “They’re sorting out garbage, they’re sorting out the compostable food components, and then they’re sorting out their silverware.”

Their compost will go back into school gardens. BRING recycling volunteers will also help teach the kids about these processes.

Eugene 4J plans to start with elementary-age kids then expand to other schools as they grow up.