Robocalls And Phishing Emails Capitalize On Coronavirus Worries

Mar 31, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is also seeing a rise in fraud cases. Consumer protection and law enforcement officials are warning people against scammers. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports. 

Carl Wilkerson, Chief Deputy with the Lane County Sheriff's Office; coronavirus (inset).
Credit Lane County; NIH / Vimeo/

“We’re offering a one-time only discount…” pitches a robocall that's hit Oregon in the last week. 

Miracle cures, financial assistance, and exclusive investment opportunities are but a few tricks crooks are using to get personal and financial information from their targets.

" this time of this coronavirus crisis," wraps up the call, before giving a phone number.

Carl Wilkerson is Chief Deputy with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

“There are some scams going right now where people are saying they can get you the COVID-19 government check quicker," warns Carl Wilkerson, Chief Deputy with the Lane County Sheriff's Office. 

"That’s going to be a complete scam, that process hasn’t been worked out. And so anybody identifying themselves as someone who can do that is not to be a trusted source.”

Scams can be done via phone, email, text, or in person. When in doubt, people can verify a company’s activities independently, or check them by the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

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