Robots And Artificial Intelligence At OSU Symposium

Oct 22, 2018

As part of their 150th Anniversary Celebration, Oregon State University is hosting a free, day-long symposium Tuesday on “the promise and peril of artificial intelligence and robotics.”

Besides panel discussions on “the good, the bad and the ugly of artificial intelligence”—attendees are invited to take a whirl in the robot video dance booth. Heather Knight is an assistant professor at OSU and runs the Charisma Robotics Research Lab.

Health Knight with her robot Ginger. They will both be featured at OSU Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Symposium.
Credit Heather Knight OSU

“I make robots that I would like to see improve people’s lives and one of the ways we can do that is to think about collaborations rather than automation.”

At the robotics event, Knight will introduce Ginger, a little humanoid robot who does comedy.

Ginger: “Now, very slowly, I want you to put down your cell phone. Just kidding. Gotta post this on Twitter.” (laughs)

OSU’s graduate robotics program has been ranked best in the western United States and fourth in the nation by Grad School Hub.