Safer Crossing Of Row River Rd In Cottage Grove

Oct 21, 2015

Lane County has completed safety improvements along Row River Road in Cottage Grove where a bike/ pedestrian trail intersects it.
Officials held a ribbon cutting Wednesday. KLCC's Rachael McDonald spoke with Lydia McKinney, Transportation Planning Manager for Lane County.

Lydia McKinney, Transportation Manager for Lane County, at the new tunnel that takes the Row River Trail under Row River Rd at Milepost 4.
Credit Rachael McDonald

McKinney: "This is a location where we have had a number of accidents and we've had a couple of fatalities. After the second fatality, we decided to look at how we could improve safety on the Row River Trail."

Two bicyclists were killed here. McKinney says logging trucks and other vehicles drive fast along this rural stretch. Now a tunnel takes pedestrians and cyclists under the road. The undercrossing was decided on with community input.

McKinney: "And I've heard from folks who use the trail, they love it. They love being able to go underneath the road and we're really pleased with the way the design turned out."

Federal funds largely paid for the $1 million project. Additional signs and lights were also added.

Credit Rachael McDonald