Safety Improvements Planned For Highway 99 In Cottage Grove

Jan 13, 2020

Transportation crews are in the early stages of a project to make a roadway safer in Cottage Grove. The section of Highway 99 from Woodson Place to the Coast Fork Willamette River has been the sight of more than one pedestrian fatality.

Credit ODOT

Oregon Department of Transportation spokesperson Angela Beers-Seydel says the plan is to make the section that is now 4 lanes into a 2 lane road with a center turn lane. They will also add bike lanes, sidewalks, ramps and make crossing safer for pedestrians.

“One of the features that will be added is a flashing beacon crosswalk to give better awareness of people on the roadway that someone is crossing that road and make it safer for them.” Angela Beers-Seydel says.

The project is a partnership between ODOT and the City of Cottage Grove. Construction won’t begin until fall 2021 but crews are now doing preliminary work.