Senator Wyden Pushing For Highway Funding

Jun 22, 2015

Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden pushed for increased and long term highway funding during an address to a congressional committee, last week.


A recent report from the American Society of Civil Engineers asserts the U.S. needs to invest 3.7 trillion in infrastructure by 2020 just to reach satisfactory conditions. Senator Wyden accused Congress of limping from one short term funding package to another without a long term solution.

Wyden: "Oregonians are now driving across bridges that are structurally deficient, or functionally obsolete. They are swerving around ruts around mountain passes that threaten to cause dangerous accidents. The infrastructure crisis hurts our businesses and discourages investments in Oregon and across America."

In May, Wyden introduced the Move America Act to the Senate Finance Committee to address highway repair issues. The Oregon Democrat is pushing to approve the bill and move it out of committee this week.

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