Serial Vandal Sought For Repeat Damage At Friendly Street Market

Oct 3, 2019

The Friendly Street Market has been the victim of vandalism in recent weeks.  Staff suspect a known shoplifter has damaged their front door more than once. They hope the public can help Eugene Police apprehend the man before he strikes again.

A surveillance photo shows the man suspected of repeatedly breaking the Friendly Street Market's front door glass.
Credit Friendly Street Market

Mark Van Beever is the lead register at the market.  He says the trouble began a few weeks ago.

“We had caught an individual stealing from the store," he tells KLCC.  "We confronted him and we asked him to leave the store, and 86’ed him from shopping here. He came back and smashed the window in retaliation, which got him arrested. 

Another image of the suspect, showing a large camo backpack that he carries.
Credit Friendly Street Market

"They let him out days later, and he came back, and now out of retaliation, smashed it again.”

The third and latest attack was this week, when the suspect threw a brick at his own photo posted on the door. 

The alleged vandal now appears at night.  Friendly Street Market staff say they can’t afford overnight security, and hope someone spots the man and calls police.  They add no one but law enforcement should approach him as he may have a knife.

The man is described as Caucasian of medium build, with brown hair. He’s wearing a beige hoodie, and carries a camo backpack.

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