Sisters To Vote On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Oct 22, 2014

A ballot measure in Sisters asks voters to decide if medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to operate within city limits.

Credit Mjpresson Wikimedia

Earlier in the year, the Sisters City Council adopted a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. Sisters wasn't ready to welcome licensed medical pot shops. Now, the 1,200 or so registered voters in the small tourist town will decide on Measure 9-101. It would amend the municipal code and allow dispensaries.

McKibben Womack is president of the Sisters City Council. He hears the pros and cons of medical marijuana from constituents.

"Proponents are saying we want it because then we don't have to travel to Bend. Obviously there are those who are in pain and say this is the only thing that works. Those who are against-- their big concerns are our children. Sisters High School has a problem with marijuana and we know from what the kids are telling us is that they get marijuana from cardholders."

Womack says there are currently 8 dispensaries operating in Bend, 22 miles away. If the measure is approved, dispensaries in Sisters would have to meet all state requirements for licensing. That includes bans on certain locations and marketing to minors.