Slam Poet Navigates Life, Gender & Identity In A One-Person Theatre Perfomance

May 21, 2019

Award-winning slam poet and playwright Kit Yan.
Credit Jess X. Snow

A New York-based slam poet is coming to Lane Community College in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The award-winning performer Kit Yan will present their one-person theatre show “Queer Heartache.”

Yan says as a child he loved reading and writing poetry, but it wasn’t until he found slam poetry that he was able take a deeper dive into self-reflection.

YAN: “Slam poetry and spoken word in that competitive form was particularly appealing to me because a lot of it relies on a confessional element. There’s no fourth wall, it’s totally direct address.”

In Queer Heartache, Yan shares his journey through life as a Queer Trans Asian American, from growing up in Hawaii, to coping with his father’s death, to figuring out adulthood in Boston.

YAN: “When I think about Queer Heartache I think about the heartache of the failures of existing as a Queer Trans Asian person trying to navigate not only romantic relationships, but family relationships and friendships, and the medical system, and the government, and getting a job, and all of the things it takes to survive in this world.”

Yan says they want to inspire audiences to be whoever they want to be and to create their own versions of self-discovery. The performance begins at 6 pm at LCC’s Blue Door Theatre on May 22.