Small Trees Set To Make Giant Impact

Jul 12, 2019


Scott Altenhoff stands near one of the newly-planted giant sequoias at 30th and Ferry in Eugene.
Credit Karen Richards

Eugenians may have noticed hundreds of newly planted trees around town. The little seedlings are in fact Giant Sequoias. they’re part of a “2,021 for 2021” initiative.


I meet City of Eugene Urban Forester Scott Altenhoff at 30th and Ferry, across from the Amazon Dog Park, where about 35 trees were recently planted. When City Manager John Ruiz asked for ways to showcase the area for the 2021 World Track and Field Championships, Altenhoff suggested planting 2,021 Giant Sequoias.


Altenhoff: “They are very drought tolerant, they grow quicker than any other species I know and, we’ve faced a lot of severe storms in the last couple of years, and they never lose branches, they just don’t blow over.” 


The trees are a carbon offset, but more important, he says, they’re an educational and community-building tool. Although sequoias aren’t native to the Willamette Valley, Altenhoff says they’re a great choice for our future climate.

 There's more information at the City's website here, if you want to get involved. 

Several giant sequoias are visible along Amazon Parkway.
Credit Karen Richards