Some Parents Object To Drug-testing Policy At South Lane

Sep 29, 2014

Some parents of South Lane Students are concerned about a new drug testing policy at the District. They question whether the proposal was really student-driven.

South Lane now requires drug-testing for student-athletes at Cottage Grove High School
Credit South Lane School District

The policy, enacted in August, requires drug-testing for athletes at Cottage Grove High School. South Lane Superintendent Krista Parent says the idea came from students who are part of the High School's Athletes Council.

Parent: "They began discussing athlete drug testing last year. Really, it started because our league was going to change for the 14-15 school year and Sutherlin High School was joining our league and Sutherlin had been doing drug testing for a number of years."

Rodney Cimburke, a parent of a South Lane student, questions whether the idea really came from students. He learned of the policy after it was approved at an August school board meeting.
Cimburke: "It's ultimately the school board members that vote on things. But usually they vote on things after hearing public comments and reading public comments. There was no opportunity for that this time because they passed it in a meeting at which no community members were present."

Cimburke is concerned the policy will be extended to require drug testing for participation in all extracurricular activities. Junction City Schools have also recently enacted a drug-testing policy.