Some Rescued Veneta Cats Available For Adoption; Many Others To Return To Property

Sep 23, 2019

Nearly 70 cats have now been rescued from a beleaguered homestead near Veneta.

Left: The overrun Veneta homestead; top right: "Gidget", a three-year-old female cat from the site; bottom right: "Rudy", a nine-year-old cat from the site.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

In early August, reports that between 300-400 felines living on the property emerged.  The situation launched a joint effort between the national group, Alley Cat Allies, and the Greenhill Humane Society of Eugene.

In this photo taken August 27, 2019 the cats are sitting in the shade and feeding on donated dry food.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Megan Brezovar of Greenhill says a trap, neuter, and release program has been in play for several weeks now.  Standing in a preparation area with a few of the Veneta cats, Brezovar says four have already been adopted.

"We have six that are going through the process of being still spayed, neutered, or getting the medical attention that they need, until they’re ready to get out on our adoption floor, and let the public come out and meet them.”

Two cats - a nine-year-old named "Rudy" and a three-year-old dubbed "Gidget" sit inside their cages, enjoying the care, food, and treatment away from the overrun property site they were taken from.

Brezovar says a team with Alley Cat Allies has set up shelters and feeding stations at the Veneta homestead. The complete operation is expected to take at least several months. Cats that aren’t socialized enough to be adopted will be returned to the property.

People who might be interested in adopting a rescued cat are encouraged to contact the Greenhill Humane Society.

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