South Eugene High's Robotics Team Goes To Global Battle-Bots Competition

Apr 17, 2018

An epic, worldwide battle of robots has drawn local high schoolers to Texas. KLCC’s Brian Bull caught up with one robotics team as it prepared to leave this morning.

Some of the SERT team include (from left to right): Alex Chamberlain, Tiffany Huang, Alyssa Jao, Wiley Kohler, and mentor Lallie McKenzie.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The South Eugene Robotics Team (SERT) is off to Houston, where they’ll face off against 400 teams in what’s called the FIRST Robotics Competition.

A close-up of the practice robot's innards. The actual battle 'bot and its components were shipped ahead to Houston earlier this month.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Team mentor Lallie McKenzie says it’s been three years since they’ve competed at this level.

“It’s a very, very big deal," McKenzie tells KLCC. "We get to compete with and against some of the best teams in the world.”

SERT member Alyssa Jao explains this year’s theme.

“It’s called ‘First Power Up’, it’s all themed around those old arcade games," she says.

"You have two see-saw like things, and one’s taller, one’s shorter, and you try to keep control of yours while battling for the scale.”

Senior Alex Chamberlain describes their robot’s design.

A close-up of SERT's robot's wheels and gears.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“It’s got the drive train, lets it drive around. It’s got the lift mechanism, and also has a climbing mechanism.” (BULL: How long did it take your team to build this?) “It took us six weeks.”

Pleasant Hill students are also headed to Houston, for the FIRST Tech Challenge Competition.

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