South Hills Standoff Ends With Shots Fired; IDFIT Gets Involved

Apr 14, 2020

After a standoff that lasted nearly 12 hours, Eugene law enforcement shot an armed man as he left a relative’s townhouse in the South Hills last night.

Personnel - which included a SWAT team - circled a townhouse on the 100 block of Westbrook Way Monday evening.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Note: This story has been updated with a statement from the EPD Chief of Police.

All through Monday afternoon well into the night, police tried talking the man into surrendering himself. A negotiator with a bullhorn asked the man to leave the residence on the 100 block of Westbrook Way, towards an EPD robot with a phone.

“You could talk to the robot, you could talk to the phone," instructed the negotiator.  "Best case scenario…you can calmly walk to the front door, and come on out. Hands up, hands empty.”

An ambulance sits a couple streets away from the residence where a man with a rifle had refused to leave a relative's home.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Later, as night fell, a loud blast interrupted the negotiator ….possibly a police stun grenade or flash bang.

The man reportedly fired several shots at police. Then before midnight, he left the townhouse with his rifle. Shots were fired, and the suspect was given emergency medical aid by officers, then Eugene Springfield Fire EMS personnel before being taken to a hospital.

Lane County’s Interagency Deadly Force Investigation Team (IDFIT) is now investigating the incident.

In a statement released at 11:23am on April 14, EPD Chief Chris Skinner stated:

EPD Chief, Chris Skinner, at KLCC studios in November 2018.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“Certainly an incident like this is not what anyone - police, neighbors, or involved parties - would desire as an outcome. It was a prolonged, dynamic and dangerous situation that we had hoped could be resolved without any injury to the suspect. I’m concerned for those involved and those living nearby who felt at risk throughout this incident and am thankful there were not more people injured.” 

Eugene law officials say until the conclusion of the IDFIT investigation and review of findings by the Lane County District Attorney’s Office, they will refer media questions to the DA’s Office.

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