Springfield Library Adds 2 New Drop Sites, Soon Will Auto-Renew Books

Jul 1, 2019

Monday, the Springfield Library opened 2 satellite sites for returning books and other borrowed items. This is part of their efforts to make the library services more accessible. 

Library patrons try out one of the new drop boxes in east Springfield.
Credit City of Springfield

Besides adding new drop sites, the library is going to start automatically renewing materials for patrons.

That means if you check out a book and forget to renew it or return it in time, you’ve got a little more wiggle room.

Library Director Emily David says they’ve noticed a lot of people have blocked cards because of fines. David said the American Library Association put forth a resolution in January.

“It’s called the Resolution on Monetary Library Fines as a form of social inequity. And just looking at the barrier to access if services that people all over the country have because of fines and fees. And, oftentimes, it’s people who need libraries most that are restricted from using them due to these fines.”

The Springfield Library’s new remote drop boxes are at Splash! And the Bob Keefer Center. Rachael McDonald KLCC news.