Springfield Library Still Hopes To Grow Into A New Building

Jun 14, 2019

The Springfield City Council recently decided that it won’t ask voters to help fund a new library… yet.

1st graders crowd the children's section at the Springfield Public Library.
Credit Emily David / Springfield Public Library

The library is on the 2nd floor of the city’s municipal building. It’s hard to find and not always accessible. It also lacks the technology needed in a modern facility. Library Director Emily David says there’s not enough space for meetings and programs.

The library is on the 2nd floor of Springfield City Hall.
Credit Emily David

“Our programming numbers increased by about 500 percent.” David says, “So we just have a lot more people coming to the library for programs for all ages. We do programs for people zero through 110-years old.”

The city surveyed voters and found just about 38 percent in favor of approving a bond for a new library building. David says the council decided to table a bond at least for now. Meanwhile, they’re trying educate the public about the need for a new building.