Springfield's Dorris Ranch to be Updated by Willamalane

Jul 24, 2019

Springfield’s historic Dorris ranch will see renovation efforts by Willamalane funded by a $20 million bond measure passed in 2012. The public park is set on a working orchard within city limits and is a point of pride for Springfield residents.

Dorris Ranch's historic orchards
Credit Willamalane

Workers will install new signage, bathrooms, and accessibility improvements at Dorris ranch. Kenny Weigandt, Willamalane’s community engagement program manager, says that communities benefit from recreational spaces and healthy activities.

“It’s a special place, and if we don’t invest in people being able to enjoy the park, it puts it in jeopardy for the future,” Weigandt says. “It was part of the original plan when the bond measure was passed, and it is very much for the Springfield community, so any change out there is really designed to help that experience.”

Construction at Dorris ranch is expected to finish by mid-October.

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