Springfield's State of the City Goes Virtual

Feb 17, 2021

Springfield Mayor Sean Van Gordon delivered a virtual state of the city address Wednesday. He was joined by other community members in describing the challenges of the year 2020.

Still from the Springfield Mayor Sean Van Gordon's State of the City address delivered online on Feb. 17, 2021.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Those include the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, police protests and the Holiday Farm Fire.

Van Gordon acknowledged it’s been a tough year but he had a message of hope. And he talked about his goals for the future. Including reforms to the justice system.

“I would like to pursue starting a preventative justice program,” Van Gordon said. “We should do whatever is reasonable to promote the accountability of action and prevent people from cycling through our justice system.”

Van Gordon, formerly a city councilor, was appointed to the mayor’s seat last month. He’s serving out the remainder of former mayor Christine Lundberg’s term. She left the position last summer.