State Transportation Employee On Leave After Being Linked To Offensive Facebook Post

Jun 21, 2018

An employee of the Oregon Department of Transportation is being investigated for an offensive Facebook post involving immigrants.

Screengrabs purporting to show ODOT employee Lori McCallen's post on Facebook have been widely circulated in social media. Below it is an ODOT statement as posted on Twitter this afternoon.

Lori McCallen is on leave while ODOT officials review the matter. She’s been with the department for 10 months.

McCallen’s Facebook page is not accessible. But screengrabs of a post reportedly from her, say –“I personally think they should shoot them all at the border and call it good. It’ll save us hard working Americans billions of dollars on our taxes!!”

The post follows days of controversy over the Trump Administration’s handling of detainees, including the separation of children from their parents.

An ODOT spokesman says the comment does not reflect the department’s values, and calls it “deeply disturbing and hurtful”.

Many online users are calling for McCallen to be fired.

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