Sterling Israel, "Denim 'N Art"

Mar 21, 2018

Sterling Israel and a pair of Levis she altered for the "Denim N' Art" show at the Lincoln Gallery.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

Sterling Israel is the Artist-in-Residence at the Lincoln Gallery, which has a show right now called "Denim 'N Art." Sandy Brown Jensen interviewed her Fri. March 16, 2018, for a broadcast date of Wed. March 21, 2018. The show is hosted by OSLP Arts & Culture Program and runs March 2 through March 30th, 2018. In addition, there is a Fashion Show April 21st, at noon, called “Metamorphose” at 252 Lawrence.

You’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review program. Fun Facts: Blue jeans were named after Genoa, Italy in 1858, but they could have been named after EuGENE as their corporate headquarters are here and they are sponsoring “Denim N’ Art: A Wearable Art Exhibition at the Lincoln Gallery.”

"My name is Sterling Israel, and this show is the 'Denim N’ Art' challenge, and it is a Levi sponsored show, and people took pieces of Levi clothing that they donated and altered those pieces to make them into another, wearable piece of art."

Sterling Israel is the Artist-in-Residence at the OSLP Arts & Culture Program. Their mission is to break down barriers to participation in the arts for people of all abilities. Sterling and others learned fabric art techniques at the many art workshops held at the Lincoln Gallery.

"We had an extra open studio just for fabric art and two instructors who were there as volunteers...and so we got to play with sewing machines a little bit more and learned some new skills and that was really enjoyable and inspiring. I now really do crave to make more fabric arts, so it really worked for ma and I think a few other people too feel the same way."

Sterling chose to alter a Levi’s sweater with a very recognizable Morticia and Gomez Addams from the 1990s sitcom.

"This piece is of Morticia and Gomez, one of the most romantic couples ever, and they are also a monster couple and that makes them incredibly quaint and attractive to a lot of people, including myself."

Sterling Israel and her iconic portrait of Gomez and Morticia Addams on a Levis sweater.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

  In addition to the romantic monster sweater, you can expect to see Japanese style goldfish swimming up the legs of a pair of Levis, modified skirts, shirts, jackets--a new and artistic vision of all the great denim clothing America has had a love affair with for the last 140 years.

“Denim N’ Art: A Wearable Art Exhibition runs through March 30 and there will be a fashion show April 21. The Lincoln Gallery is at the corner of 4th and Lincoln.

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