Strong Winds Cause Structure Damage On Oregon Coast

Feb 9, 2015

Heavy rains pounded the Oregon coast Monday Several schools and businesses lost power including the Adobe Inn in Yachats.

General Manager Anthony Muirhead says the lasting damage is to the front door. The strong winds blew it completely off its hinges.

“It was about seven o’clock this morning and certainly got our attention quickly. I think for our guests, it was just an impressive scene for what nature can do here on the coast.”

The inn’s front door is now boarded with plywood. Muirhead says most doors are usually locked during a storm to keep situations like this from happening.

Further north, tents for the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival were flattened. Crews say they’re confident the event will still go on.

The high wind warning for the Central Oregon Coast will remain in effect until late this afternoon.