Students, Parents, Teachers Invited to Share Experiences with Race at School with KLCC

Jul 15, 2020


10-year-old Kimiah Murphy creates a sign in support of the Black Lives Matter movement during a June poster making session outside of Sizzle Pie in downtown Eugene.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

With the Black Lives Matter movement causing people to reevaluate the continuance of systemic racism, KLCC is creating a series that examines the successes and failures of Oregon schools with regards to race, and what schools can do to be more inclusive.

By speaking to students about their experience being a student of color in a state that is roughly 86% white, examining local curriculums, and listening to teachers of color, we hope to start a community conversation about ways to improve the school learning environment in Oregon.

That means we need your help.

We want to hear stories from K-12 students and parents about their experiences in Oregon schools, and important cultural histories that are overlooked and not taught in Oregon classes. We’re also hoping to hear from teachers of color about their experiences on the job.

This invitation is extended to K-12 students, parents, and teachers of color in KLCC’s listening area. For example, if you’re a person of color who can tune into KLCC wherever you are—such as Eugene, Springfield, Roseburg, Albany, Corvallis, Bend Sisters, Florence, or Lincoln City—we want to hear from you!

If you are interested in an interview, please email

In an email, please provide your name, age, location, and a description of your experience being a student or teacher of color in Oregon, and a suggestion for how school districts should tackle racism.

If you are uncomfortable providing your name, please state why. 

We look forward to hearing from our community members!