Study Investigates Transportation Issues In Eugene

Jul 9, 2019

Big changes could be coming to Eugene streets. The city is taking a look at how to improve transportation on 8th Avenue, Pearl and High corridor, and midtown Willamette Street. It’s called Central Eugene in Motion.

8th Avenue may become a two-way street.
Credit Amy Brenneman / KLCC

Reed Dunbar, associate transportation planner, says the first component of the study is public outreach, which includes going door-to-door and holding open-house meetings. The second component is traffic modeling.

“Through this process, as we talk to folks and they say ‘oh it would be great if we had an extra lane on this street,’ we can actually model that and see what the impact is on other streets,” says Dunbar.

Dunbar adds they are looking to do pavement projects in all three areas, including making 8th avenue, between Mill Street and Lincoln Street, two-way, and providing more accommodations for people walking and biking.

The city is holding an open house Wednesday at the University of Oregon’s Baker Center from 6-8 pm.