Super-PACs Buy Opposing Ads In Oregon's 4th District

May 30, 2021

It may seem like election season never ends if you’ve caught some warring ads on local TV focused on Oregon’s 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio. The Democrat from Springfield said he was targeted by a GOP PAC.

Rep. Peter DeFazio at the Eugene Train Depot on May 23, 2021 to celebrate the resumption of Amtrak's long-distance rail trips after the pandemic cutbacks.
Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC

“Some super-PAC bought a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of ads attacking me, linking me to Nancy Pelosi, saying we wanted to take away drugs from seniors because we want Medicare to be able to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors, DeFazio said.

DeFazio said the majority PAC in the House responded with its own ad talking about the congressman’s role in the American rescue package—that included his efforts to secure resumption of Amtrak’s long-distance routes.

Republican Alek Skarlatos, who challenged DeFazio in the 2020 election, plans to run for the 4th District seat again in 2022. 

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