Support Local Artists and Maude Kerns During COVID-19 Days

Apr 30, 2020


Painter Sarkis Antikajian's colorful garden scenes are available at the Maude Kern's Art Center's "A Change of Space" online fundraiser.
Credit Artist Portrait by Sandy Brown Jensen

  This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s arts review program.


The emergency relief fund called Artist Relief has released the results from a new survey assessing how artists are impacted by COVID-19.


  • 62% of artists have become fully unemployed.
  • 66% of artists are unable to access the resources necessary for their work
  • 80% no not have a plan to recover after the crisis.

These are extremely harsh financial realities faced by artists right here in our listening area. Not just artists are suffering, but galleries and museums we all know and love are also teetering on the edge of collapse and need our help to save them.

Close up of a ceramic sculpture by Frank Gosar called "The Book Seller's Apprentice." Gosar's imaginative sculptures are available at the Maude Kerns Art Center's online fundraiser "A Change of Place."
Credit Gallery photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Our best example is Maude Kerns Art Center here in Eugene. Their fundraising innovations feature first an online exhibit and fundraiser called “A Change of Space.” Jump in and be treated to some of Sarkis Antikajian’s biggest, brightest garden paintings ever.


Linda Devenow’s signature black and white photography is there celebrating luminous Oregon dunes and silky waterfalls. 


Shelly Fredenberg’s terrific glazed stoneware sculptures are available. I am very drawn to add “Fancy Little Owl” and “Snow Cub” to the little collection I’ve already begun.


Shelly Fredenberg's snails crawled up the walls of the Maude Kerns Art Center during an exhibition. Fredenberg's delightful critters are available at the "Change of Place" online fundraiser.
Credit Gallery photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Hannah Goldrich jewelry, Frank Gosar’s ceramic sculptures--it’s an online cornucopia of opportunity for both collectors and gift-givers.

Maude Kerns is also fundraising through Amazon Smile. Go to the website and click on the Amazon Smile link to change your charity of choice to benefit our local art center.

Maude Kerns is also registered as one of Market of Choice’s 4% beneficiaries. So, again, the link will guide you through the simple process of registering your card, then every time you shop at Market of Choice, Maude Kerns will receive 4% of your purchase price.





Artists and gallerists are trying hard to keep their heads above water during these difficult times, and these are practical ways we can reach out and help.

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