Supreme Court Rejects Government Attempt To Throw Out Climate Case

Jul 30, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday rejected a Trump Administration attempt to throw out a lawsuit filed by 21 young people over climate change. This clears the way for a trial to begin in Eugene this fall.

Plaintiffs, attorneys and supporters of Juliana v. United States in front of Eugene Federal Courthouse after a recent hearing on the case.
Credit Alec Cowan / KLCC

The Trump Administration had asked the Supreme Court to issue a stay and to review the case before it goes to trial. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the government’s request for relief “is premature and denied without prejudice”. He also wrote the “breadth” of the plaintiff’s claims “is striking”. 21 young people are suing the federal government claiming its support of industries that produce carbon has contributed to climate change. The suit says climate change is depriving them of constitutional rights of life liberty and property. The trial is scheduled to begin October 29th in Federal Court in Eugene.

From U.S. Supreme Court:

(ORDER LIST: 585 U.S.)
MONDAY, JULY 30, 2018
The application for stay presented to Justice Kennedy and by him referred to the Court is denied.
The Government’s request for relief is premature and is denied without prejudice. The breadth of respondents’ claims is striking, however, and the justiciability of those claims presents substantial grounds for difference of opinion. The District Court should take these concerns into account in assessing the burdens of discovery and trial, as well as the desirability of a prompt ruling on the Government’s pending dispositive motions.