Surge Of People Means Possible Surge In Litter, Damage To Parks

Aug 20, 2017

Monday's solar eclipse is drawing crowds to many public areas, including parks.  So Lane County officials are asking locals and visitors alike to “pack it in and pack it out”, so excess garbage and waste is kept to a minimum. 

Credit Ali Burcin Titizel /

“We don’t have the staffing to have dedicated cleanup crews, says Lane County spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge.  

"So if cleanup is need, it will have to be our already limited park ranger staff and it’ll affect then what we’re able to accomplish in our other parks.  

"So any kind of large mess or need for large cleanup’s certainly going to affect all 70 of our parks.  

Park visitors are encouraged to "pack it in, pack it out", as crowds gather for the eclipse.
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"This will take resources away from those in order to create the cleanup needed.” 

Ashbridge says people should also park only in designated spots, and to respect marked restoration and habitat areas.  With so many crowds gathered in natural spaces, she says it’s also important people don’t feed or otherwise interact with animals.

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