Tallmadge Doyle "Underwater Garden" at the Karin Clarke Gallery

Oct 9, 2019

Tallmadge Doyle has a show of new works called "Underwater Garden" at the karin Clarke Gallery
Credit Portrait of the Artist by Sandy Brown Jensen

Viz City was privileged to talk to printmaker Tallmadge Doyle on Sept. 27, 2019 for a broadcast date of Wed. Oct. 2, 2019,

Script: Sandy Brown Jensen

Sound: Terry Way

RE: Karin Clarke Gallery October 2 - October 26:     

Tallmadge Doyle: Underwater Garden

New prints and paintings

Reception: Friday, October 4, 5:30- 7:30 pm

Artist Talk: Friday, October 11th at 5:30



Tallmadge Doyle and her studio companion Georgie work on prints for her new show opening this week
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

You’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review program. During the month of October, the Karin Clarke Gallery in downtown Eugene is showing work from local printmaker Tallmadge Doyle who is excited to be showing brand new images called “Underwater Garden.” She says she was in Canada for a month at an artist’s residency where she lived in a beautiful garden:

"And it is at sea level, and the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick ...they have the highest tides in the world...and so I’m watching these tides go in and out, and the weather changes all the time...and I’m thinking, you know, the garden is at sea level, and in about twenty or thirty years, a lot of it may be underwater, and so, I started thinking about that--that’s how I got the 'Underwater Garden.'"

The show contains different series of woodcuts and etchings within it--one of them is “High Tides Rising.”

"It references tide charts and maps, and the ways that maps will be changing very rapidly because of how our coast lines are going to change."  

Tallmadge Doyle shows off her state-of-the-art press
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

Tallmadge says her work is not so much a critique of climate change as a deep look at it.

"It is about what it happening..and how there is real science behind it. It is something I think that is maybe more intimate."

Doyle also has a series called Mapping Flight.

"Some of that came from videos, slow-motion videos I have seen of butterflies flying. Their movements are so quick that the human eye can’t see them...some butterfly species do somersaults and acrobatics in the air, and we don’t even see it with our eyes…"

Tallmadge Doyle’s new work is rich with the movement of butterflies, underwater sea turtles, future maps, and many other wonders. You may view all this beauty at the Karin Clarke Gallery, October 2 - October 26. You can meet Tallmadge Doyle at both a reception this Friday, October 4, 5:30- 7:30 pm as well as at an Artist Talk: Friday, October 11th at 5:30.

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