Teen Climate Lawsuit On Hold Again

Nov 8, 2018

A climate lawsuit filed by young people against the U.S. Government is on hold, again. Thursday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay requested by the Trump Administration.

Most of the 21 young people suing the government at a rally last month at the Eugene Federal Courthouse.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Trial preparations can still go forward according to the ruling issued by the appeals court. That’s while the court considers the Justice Department’s request for a full halt to the lawsuit.
The trial was set to start on October 29th, but the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay last month that temporarily delayed it.
Attorneys for both the teens and the government met with Eugene Federal Court Judge Ann Aiken Thursday. She declined to schedule a pretrial hearing but says she “stands ready” to set a date once the stay is lifted.
21 young people are suing the government claiming it has encouraged an energy system that causes climate change which threatens their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.