Teens Appeal Lane County Judge’s Climate Ruling

Jul 7, 2015

Two Eugene teens have appealed a Lane County judge's ruling against their climate change lawsuit. The appeal was filed Tuesday.

Kelsey Juliana during the climate hearing this March in Lane County Court.
Credit Brian Davies / Register Guard (pool)

Kelsey Juliana and Olivia Chernaik are part of a global youth-driven campaign to get governments to do more to curtail the effects of climate change.

Portland attorney Christopher Winter represents the teens. He says Judge Karsten Rasmussen rejected the argument that the state holds the atmosphere and other natural resources in public trust for future generations. Winter says he's looking forward to presenting the case to the Oregon Court of Appeals.
"To argue for the kids that they have a fundamental right to clean air and clean water and that the state has to take action to protect their futures from climate change."
Winter says the Oregon climate case is boosted by recent court rulings in Washington State and the Netherlands. The State Appeals court had earlier sent this case back to Rasmussen's court.