Temple Beth Israel Gathers In Community After Pittsburgh Attack

Oct 29, 2018

Eugene's Temple Beth Israel held a community vigil on Sunday, October 28, to honor those killed in the October 27th attack on a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh.
Credit Temple Beth Israel

Eugene's Temple Beth Israel hosted a public prayer vigil Sunday evening in the wake of Saturday’s shooting at The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 members of the Jewish community.

Attendees of the vigil rose – as is traditional- to recite a Jewish prayer to honor the deceased and call for peace.

In an email inviting the public to gather in mutual solidarity, Rabbi Ruhi Sophia wrote about the need to “gather in community and show the world - but especially show ourselves - that we are still committed to showing up for and with each other in Jewish space.”

Other vigils took place around Oregon over the weekend, amid an increased police presence.

The alleged shooter in the Pittsburgh case is expected to appear in federal court Monday afternoon. He is facing 29 federal counts for the attack.