Tips For Driving To The Snowy Cascades

Jan 6, 2017

After some recent winters with little snowpack, the cascades are enjoying lots of white stuff. Transportation officials say it’s important to be prepared when heading up to the mountains.

Skiers on Mt. Bachelor.
Credit Mt. Bachelor website

Oregon Department of Transportation’s Angela Beers-Seydel says carry chains in your car and make sure they actually fit.

“Practice before you go.” Beers-Seydel says, “Don’t wait until you’re stuck on the side of the road, laying there in the snow to put those chains on. The other thing is to have an emergency kit in your car. You might be stuck in that vehicle for longer than you expect. So, have some blankets. Have an extra coat. Have some water, some food. Have a shovel in case you get stuck in the snow.”

Beers-Seydel advises mountain drivers to think about how to most safely get where they’re going. Road conditions are available at