Tornado Strikes Manzanita In Early Morning

Oct 14, 2016

A tornado hit the coastal town of Manzanita this morning.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, clean-up has begun ahead of a second predicted wave of gusts and rain during the weekend.  

A member of the Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue team examines damage from today's Manzanita twister.
Credit Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue (Allison Johnson, photo)

A still from a YouTube video shows the tornado hitting the coastal town of Manzanita. One watcher says it looks like an electrical transformer has been hit at this moment.
Credit Video credit Tyler Ryals

  Witnesses say the tornado knocked down power lines and trees.  No injuries have been reported yet.  A National Weather Service official says they plan to send out a survey crew to determine how powerful it was.

Rick Bernard is with Bernard Construction in Manzanita.  He says he’s been impressed with the progress made by cleanup crews since the tornado hit downtown.  

A destroyed home and roof litter the Manzanita area after a tornado touched down this morning.
Credit Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue (Allison Johnson, photo)

“You couldn’t even walk on the street because there was so much debris and phone poles and trees," begins Bernard, "but there were emergency responders right there on top of everything.  They’ve done a very good job of keeping it contained.  

"Not to say that there isn’t some heavy duty work…reconstructing the buildings and getting the phone poles back up. That’ll take a while.” 

Bernard says one retail business had its roof torn off.  And one resident says all her windows were blown out.  Further stormy weather is expected tomorrow.

Video credit Tyler Ryals