TrackTown USA Hosting Party In Portland Wednesday

May 25, 2015

Track Town USA is hosting a big party in Portland Wednesday afternoon. Here are some details about the countdown to the 2016 World Indoor Track and Field Championships.

An artist's rendition of Portland's indoor track.

Vin Lananna is used to working with stakeholders in Eugene and Springfield on big track and field events. Speaking from Portland, the TrackTown USA President says there’s been plenty of enthusiasm for track in the Rose City:

Lananna: “The city the mayor, the commissioners here, in this community, the local people, the businesses, have been just fantastic.”

A City-of-Portland-sponsored countdown clock will be revealed in Pioneer Courthouse Square Wednesday. A local firm won the rights to design the clock, which is 19 feet tall and has an informative digital readout.

The celebration features 15 of the world’s best track and field athletes, including many who train in Eugene. TrackTown USA is providing free buses from Eugene to the event, taking place from 3 - 7 pm Wednesday.