Transgender Advocacy Group to Host Civil Rights Protest

Jun 25, 2020

Local transgender advocacy group TransPonder plans a civil rights protest this Saturday in downtown Eugene. The event is designed to acknowledge injustices faced by LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.


TransPonder board member and treasurer River McKenzie speaks about uniting with other activist groups.


“We’re really centering BIPOC voices as much as possible, so we’ve partnered with Black Lives Matter and other groups,” says McKenzie. “We’re also really highlighting the fact that black-trans bodies are being killed at a higher rate than most. Their names are being left mostly out of the media.”


McKenzie says that all precautions will be taken for protesters safety, and that TransPonder intends for the protest to be peaceful. 


The protest will begin at Kesey Square at noon on Saturday, and conclude with a march to the Federal Courthouse where guest speakers will recognize transgender lives that have been lost.


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